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Duplex Flat Webbing Slings manufacturer India

Webbing Slings manufacturer India

Ezee Lift is Flat Webbing Slings manufacturer Mumbai, India. Flat Webbing Slings does not weaken with age. Webbing Slings are manufactured in Duplex, Triplex & Quarter plex thickness webbing.

EzeeLift offers Flat Webbing slings, These Polyester Webbing slings are made from Hi Tenacity Flat Webbing. These Polyester webbing slings are used in wide variety of Industrial applications. The table below shows the Lifting Capacities of Normal Double Layered Webbing Sling, Width & Color of the sling.

The Flat Webbing slings offer following advantages over conventional Slings: - Does not Damage Smooth polished surface. - Does not Corrode unlink Conventional Metal slings. - Ideal for lifts in choker hitch of cylindrical objects. - Light in weight compared to wire / chains. - Has easily identifiable International colour code, with safe working Load printed on slings. - Safety factor 6:1 and 7:1.Wears evenly as the sling is used along circumference length. - Since there is no metal to metal contact hence there is no danger of sparks

Flat Webbing Slings are normally of following types:- - SINGLE PLY (SIMPLEX) FLAT WEBBING SLINGS - These slings are made with single layer of webbing, these slings offer wider lifting surface, However these are used rarely with objects with smooth surface, as the thickness is sling is very less. - DOUBLE LAYER (DUPLEX) POLYETSER WEBBING SLINGS - These slings are made with two layer of webbing. This type of sling is normally used for lifting applications. - FOUR LAYER (QUAD) FLAT WEBBING SLINGS - These slings are made with Four layer of Polyester webbing. This type of sling is available for Higher Lifting Capacities.- WIDE SLING - These sling are made with using Polyetser webbings side by side to offer wider load bearing surfaces. - FLAT WEBBING SLING - These are made from webbing in endless form.

EzeeLift is a manufacture of Webbing Slings upto 115 tons capacity. Lifting Flat Webbing Slings are made from high tenacity polyester webbing, colourcoded for ease of identification for lifting. Simplex Flat Webbing Slings are manufactured from single thickness webbing, whereas Duplex Flat Webbing slings are manufactured from double thickness webbing and Triplex of Three layers upto10 layers. All are either terminated in a metal end fitting or, more popularly, sewn back upon themselves with a high tenacity Polyester fabric to form a reinforced Eye, which provides greater durability than the traditional leather eye.

The Flat webbing Slings Manufactured in Mumbai India is stitched close to the eyes which are upto 45 " long bearing to bearing. Endless Flat Webbing slings, however, are manufactured from single thickness webbing sewn in a continuous loop with an overlap. These slings are mainly used when needing a wide grip on large equipment, e.g. for lifting pipes. In order to protect the webbing from unnecessary wear and tear, various sleevingis available, in any length, which can also protect both the sling and any fragile loads.

The Polyester Flat Webbing Sling is manufactured by 100% Polyester Yarn only, which is non-conductive against flowing of any type of electricity. But we have manufactured special coated Polyester Anti-static Sling which is having a conductivity property of any type of electricity. Flat Webbing sling does not have current carrying properties. Flat Webbing Sling is our speciality product. Normally Flat Webbing sling is used in very sensitive area like, missiles handling, satellite handling etc.

EzeeLift is Flat Webbing Slings Manufacturer in Mumbai India. Flat Webbing Slings are used to Pick Heavy Goods like Rods, Heavy Pipes etc. This Flat Webbing Slings are attached to craines for picking up goods.

EzeeLift have emerged with a huge popularity in the midst of the patrons only due to our quality Flat Webbing Slings we manufacture and cost effective rates. We offer an exclusive range of Flat Webbing Slings. We have procured this good from very reliable and brilliant vendor of the market. As we work on quality centric policies, our brilliant quality inspector checks the fabrication process at the vendor end to reinsure the eminence at the top. These Flat Webbing Slings are manufactured using updated and latest machines and skills. Moreover, our offered goods are available to our patrons at cost effective’s prices.

Contact Us to Know More About Flat Webbing Slings Mumbai India We also Manufacture other variety of Slings:- - Polyster Round Slings - Ratchet Lashing System - Multi Legged Slings - Chain Slings Know More About Flat Webbing Slings Manufacturer Mumbai India
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Flat Webbing Slings
Polyester duplex webbing  slings with reinforced eyes manufactured as per EN 1492-1:2000 (7:1 Safety Factor)  
Lifting Slings are colour coded in accordance with European conventions to indicate Safe Working Load Limit (SWL) duplex lifting slings are manufactured in Duplex, Triplex & Quarter plex thickness webbing (duplex webbing, triplex webbing and quarter plex webbing) produced from high-tenacity polyester yarn.  
Terminated with a becket eye, they are reinforced to protect the eye against damage during lifting.
All slings are individually numbered & colour coded  for traceability and safety.
Lighter than chain or wire rope skings
Lesser weight - less risk of back injuries, lower transport and shipping costs.
There is no hidden corrosion - can be easily checked by eye for damage - if it looks all right, it is all right.
Does not weaken with age.
It has ability to absorb shocks.

Industry lifting requirements may be large, heavy equipment; delicate electronic components; extremely fragile materials; highly finished parts; unusually shaped and unbalanced parts, all these proven applications and many more can be safely and economically handled with duplex webbing slings.

Webbing slings manufactured from 100% polyester yarn, our webbing slings possess a safety factor of 5 and indicating working load limit and type of material.

Features / Advantages :

Polyester webbing slings are lighter, less bulky and much more convenient to handle than conventional wire rope, chain, wire mesh or manila rope slings of comparable capacity. The most delicate or highly polished surfaces can be handled without danger of being marred or scratched.

Webbing Slings  
  Working Load Limit with 1 round sling
Duplex Webbing
Item Colourcoded according to

Straight Lift

Knot Tie Lift

U Type lift

Basket lift 450

Basket lift 900
    1.0 0.8 2.0 1.8 1.4
SL-01 WLL 1T 1.000 800 2.000 1.400 1.000
SL-02 WLL 2T 2.000 1600 4.000 2.800 2.000
SL-03 WLL 3T 3.000 2400 6.000 4.200 3.000
SL-04 WLL 4T 4.000 3200 8.000 5.600 4.000
SL-05 WLL 5T 5.000 4000 10.000 7.000 5.000
SL-06 WLL 6T 6.000 4800 12.000 8.400 6.000
SL-08 WLL 8T 8.000 6400 16.000 11.200 8.000
SL-10 WLL 10T 10.000 8000 20.000 14.000 10.000
SL-12 WLL 12T 12.000 9600 24.000 16.800 12.000
Triplex Webbing Slings  

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