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EzeeLift is authorised franchise of Star Lifting & Securing. EzeeLift is a dealer of Polyester Slings, Round Slings, Duplex Slings, Ratchet Lashings, Multilegged Slings, Chain Slings, Webbing Slings and Nylon Slings.

EzeeLift offers complete solutions in Material Lifting & Shifting. We supply different type of Slings that includes Polyester Slings, Polyester webbing slings, Ratchet lashing system and multi-leg sling in Chain, Round Slings. Over the years the company has earned a name for itself in the domestic market by virtue of its quality products.

Our quality has always been up to the international standards which is evident in the fact that we have dedicated clientele all over the India who prefer to buy only our products. We supply Polyester Slings, Chain Slings, Round Slings are per International Standards, Strict quality control measures ensures our customers get only the best product quality in Polyester Slings and Lifting solutions and Round Slings. This Slings Manufactured by Ezee Lift are of best quality. This Slings are used in Transportation of Heavy Goods from One Place to Other. This Slings are used while Road Transportation, Sea Transportation and Air Transportation. This Slings are Can Handel forces with different magnitude and direction. Slings Manufactured By Ezee Lift are best in India. Customers are happy with the Slings we supply.

Ezee Lift have a wide network in the domestic market. The dealers are spread all over the country and you will find no difficulty in finding our products in any part of the country.

EzeeLift is a leading Dealer of Slings. We also supplier of Polyester Webbing Slings, Webbing slings, Round Slings, Polyester Multi Leg Webbing Slings, Double Ply Webbing slings, Four Ply Webbing Slings, High Width Webbing Slings, Nylon Slings, Special Polyester Webbing Slings, Chain Sling, Wire Rope Slings, Shackles, Chain Blocks, Hoists and boasts of a strong infrastructure. Ezee Lift have efficient team players that enable us to make durable lifting slings and shackles. The unit is well-equipped with required tools and machines to supply high quality and reliable products.

EzeeLift slings are manufactured by fabricated from sling webbing. Sling webbing features a “stuffer” weave construction, where the inner load carrying yarns are jacketed by a protective outer cover. The longitudinal load yarns carry approximately 70% of the load, while the remaining strength is derived from the cover (side-toside) yarns. Red core warning yarns are woven into the central load carrying area. The red core yarns of Sling may become visible, as the outer cover is worn away or becomes damaged, providing a signal to users and inspectors to remove the sling from service.

Proper use, care and inspection techniques are reinforced by the EzeeLift Product Information Bulletins, which accompany every Sling product EzeeLift Manufacture. The bulletins are color coordinated to match the supplemental warning tags. The combination of the warning tag and product information bulletin enhances the loss control efforts of responsible sling users.

EzeeLift is a Manufacture of Slings Like:- - Flat Webbing Slings - Ratchet Lashing System - Multi Legged Slings - Chain Slings Enquire Now For EzeeLift Slings Know More About EzeeLift View Sitemap
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