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EzeeLift is Polyster Round Slings Manufacturer Mumbai, India. Round Slings offers maximum strength combined with minimum weight. Polyster Round Slings have Higher lifting efficiencies and Lower lifting costs.

Ezee Lift is best quality Polyster Round Slings Manufacturer in Mumbai, India. This Polyster Slings are used in Transportation of Heavy Goods from One Place to Other. This Round Slings are used while Road Transportation, Sea Transportation and Air Transportation. Polyster Round Slings Manufactured in Mumbai, India by Ezee Lift are Can Handel forces with different magnitude and direction. Customers are happy with the Quality of Polyster Round Slings Manufactured by Us. Enquire Now For Polyster Round Slings Mumbai India

EzeeLift offers Polyester Webbing slings, Polyster Round Slings, Round Slings, Polyster Slings, These Polyester Round slings Manufactured from Hi Tenacity Polyester Webbing in Mumbai, India. These Polyester Round Slings are used in wide variety of Industrial applications. The table below shows the Lifting Capacities of Normal Polyster Round Sling, Width & Color of the sling.

Polyester Slings are normally of following types - SINGLE POLYESTER SLINGS - These Polyster slings are made with single layer of webbing, these slings offer wider lifting surface, However these are used rarely with objects with smooth surface, as the thickness is sling is very less. - DOUBLE LAYER (DUPLEX) POLYETSER ROUND SLINGS - These Polyster Round slings are made with two layer of webbing. This type of sling is normally used for lifting applications. - FOUR LAYER (QUAD) POLYETSER ROUND SLINGS - These Polyster Round slings are made with Four layer of Polyester webbing. This type of sling is available for Higher Lifting Capacities. - ROUND SLING - These Round sling are made with using Polyetser webbings side by side to offer wider load bearing surfaces. - WEBBING ENDLESS ROUNDSLING - These are made from webbing in endless form.

The Polyetser Round slings offer following advantages over conventional Slings: - Does not Damage Smooth polished surface. - Does not Corrode unlink Conventional Metal slings. - Ideal for lifts in choker hitch of cylindrical objects. - Light in weight compared to wire / chains. - Has easily identifiable International colour code, with safe working Load printed on slings. - Safety factor 6:1 and 7:1. - Wears evenly as the sling is used along circumference length. - Since there is no metal to metal contact hence there is no danger of sparks

We also Manufacture other variety of Slings:- - Flat Webbing Slings - Ratchet Lashing System - Multi Legged Slings - Chain Slings Know More About Polyester Round Slings Manufacturer Mumbai India
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Polyester Round Slings
Power Tex Round Sling
The material for Power Tex Round Sling is Poly Aramid Fiber
The Aramid Material has a high resistance against chemicals combined with a very high cut and abrasion resistance, leading to an excellent performance product.
Aramid is a World's strongest fibre that offers maximum strength combined with minimum weight.
Aramid is a synthetic / manmade material that is used for making easy to handle large capacity lifting slings that are flexible, lighter weight and much more compact than polyester slings;
Though these lifting slings are expensive to purchase they start to re-pay their original extra cost as soon as they are put into the work place lifting expensive heavy loads (without causing damage to the goods) with productivity and time savings all achievable due to the compact, light weight and easy to handle properties of the sling.
Aramid slings don’t absorb water and therefore they are particularly suitable for use offshore as used by shipping and the oil and gas industries.

Round Slings Advantages of Power Tex Round Sling
  • Low Elongation. Easy Handling. Lower utilisation costs.

  • Higher lifting efficiencies. Lower lifting costs.

  • Less rigging hours. Save on labour costs.

  • Less damage to the load.
Polyester Slings

Polyester Round Sling  
Polyester Round Sling  

Round slings are manufactured to EN1492-2:2000 from high tenacity polyester yarn encased in a colour coded tubular sleeve of durable woven polyester fabric. The sleeve is constructed to protect the internal rows of yarn filament and keep them in a parallel formation at all times. The low stretch characteristics of the polyester yarn also prevents "load bounce" when lifting very heavy weights.

Round slings are popular for their strength and versatility, Polyester Round Slings are lightweight, flexible and easy to handle. Polyester Round Slings are advantageous because they stretch less than nylon. The continuous sling body forms a tight choker hitch.


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Item Colourcoded according to EN1492-2
Straight Lift

Choke Lift

U Type lift

Basket lift 450

Basket lift 900
    1.0 0.8 2.0 1.8 1.4
SL-01 WLL 1T 1.000 800 2.000 1.400 1.000
SL-02 WLL 2T 2.000 1600 4.000 2.800 2.000
SL-03 WLL 3T 3.000 2400 6.000 4.200 3.000
SL-04 WLL 4T 4.000 3200 8.000 5.600 4.000
SL-05 WLL 5T 5.000 4000 10.000 7.000 5.000
SL-06 WLL 6T 6.000 4800 12.000 8.400 6.000
SL-08 WLL 8T 8.000 6400 16.000 11.200 8.000
SL-10 WLL 10T 10.000 8000 20.000 14.000 10.000
SL-12 WLL 12T 12.000 9600 24.000 16.800 12.000

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